Spirit Fire Constitution
Version 3.0
Est. January 17th, 2010

A constitution is a set of rules for government—often codified as a written document—that enumerates the powers and functions of a political entity. In the case of SPIRIT FIRE PARK, this term refers specifically to the SPIRIT COUNCIL, who’s sole purpose is defining the fundamental political principles, and establishing the structure, procedures, powers and duties, of Spirit Fire Park, volunteers, players, campers, investors, and associates.

This collective agreement, is deemed to be democratic in all matters. The political entity, that is responsible for creating, and enforcing policy, must be majority rule. This document will define the functioning of the Spirit Council, and regulations therein.

This constitution incorporates several historical agreements that existed before the development of Spirit Fire Park, and the Spirit Council. ________________________________________________
Spirit Council
Policy #1

1.0 This document will be ordered by article number, then chapter, then verse. If an addition is required, lettering may be used after the verse number, allowing for 26 extra add-ons to each verse.

1.1 Each paintball team, registered for league play at Spirit Fire Park, shall choose two members to represent them, in the Spirit Council.
1.11a In respect to the Mixed Weekend league, the teams consist of Lazy Hippo Elite, Clan Phoenix Fire, Joker’s Wild, & Clan Broken Vulture.
1.11b Black Widow, is the only registered female team, for the ladies division.
1.11c At publication, no youth teams are registered. Players must be 14 to 17 years old. Anyone wishing to play in the youth league, under the age of 14, must have a majority vote by the council to be approved. No one 18 and over is allowed to play in the youth league.
1.12 There are only 4 teams allowed in the adult mixed league, youth league, and ladies league, for a total of 12 teams. For a full council, it would be 24 council members.
1.12a In order for a new team to be created, there must be 3 registered players, pledging to the proposed team, with the appropriate age requirements. This is applicable to all leagues at Spirit Fire Park.
1.13 No one can join more than one team per league

1.2 Each council member has the same rights, as another council member, during a meeting.

1.3 There must be three or more Council members present, to have council.
1.31 The president, or Vice-president must be present to have council.
1.32 The secretary need not be present for council, however, notes must be taken, and forwarded to the secretary for meeting minutes.
1.33 No alcohol may be consumed during a council meeting.
1.34 The Council creates legislation normally by majority vote of the entire membership of the body. If there are vacancies during a voting period, those vacancies are not considered

1.4 The position of Director of Finance is only for one council member. The duties include; ensuring the finances for the park are paid, and working with all council members, elected positions, volunteers, lead artist, and park owners to balance the budget.
1.41 The role of Director of Finance is elected by majority vote.
1.42 There is no wait time for elections for the DF.

1.5 In reference to the Council Leader; the position is decided by majority of council.
1.5a Zzorhn Carlson is the current Council Leader.
1.51 Vote for council leader must be announced with 2 weeks notice
1.52 Vote for council leader is decided by majority vote
1.53 Council members must vote in person.
1.54 If a majority win is not achieved, during Council Leader vote, a second, and subsequent, silent vote is required, until a majority win is declared.
1.55 Any council member may call for a “Vote of No Confidence“, during any council meeting. It requires a second vote for it to be valid. If not seconded, the vote is null.
1.56 A “Vote of No Confidence” is a declaration of dissent. “The current leader is not desirable”. If a second vote is cast; the council immediately stops, and a vote is cast. The choice to vote out the current council leader, is immediate, and permanent.

1.6 The role of Vice-president, is to fill in for the president, when they are not present. In reference to the Council Leader; the position is decided by majority of council.
1.6a John Green is the current Vice-President.
1.61 Vote for council leader must be announced with 2 weeks notice
1.62 Vote for council leader is decided by majority vote
1.63 Council members must vote in person.
1.64 If a majority win is not achieved, during Council Leader vote, a second, and subsequent, silent vote is required, until a majority win is declared.
1.65 Any council member may call for a “Vote of No Confidence“, during any council meeting. It requires a second vote for it to be valid. If not seconded, the vote is null.
1.66 A “Vote of No Confidence” is a declaration of dissent. “The current leader is not desirable”. If a second vote is cast; the council immediately stops, and a vote is cast. The choice to vote out the current council leader, is immediate, and permanent.

1.7 The role of secretary is voluntary. There must be at least one person taking notes during a council meeting.
1.7a Tina Smith is the secretary for the Spirit Council.

1.8 The role of Public-Relations is voluntary. Duties involve; advertising, events, public relations, and any other public appearances that may be required.
1.82 There can be two PR councillors at a time.
1.82a The PR councilors are Jason Webb, & Eric Keast
1.83 If there are more than one PR councilors, they must ensure the role is shared equally. PR meetings are semi-casual, and as often as necessary. Documentation must be kept during meetings.

1.9 The role of Volunteer-Relations is voluntary. Duties involve; arranging events for necessary work duty, calling / soliciting volunteers for a variety of tasks, ensuring volunteers have required equipment for tasks.
1.91 There can be two VR councilors at any time.
1.91a Zzorhn Carlson & Eric Keast are the VR councilors.
1.92 If there are more than one VR councilor, they must ensure the role is shared equally. VR meetings are semi-casual, and as often as necessary. Documentation must be kept during meetings.

Spirit Fire Park
Policy #2

2.1 Spirit Fire Park is to remain mostly undeveloped, for natural purposes.
2.11 Garbage, waste, and effulge, is not allowed to be dumped at Spirit Fire Park. Individuals using the campsite are to clean up after themselves.
2.11a There are to be garbage cans available for people to use, around the campsite.
2.12 Campfire waste (ash) is never to be used for building trails. It must be disposed in the south part of the park, out of sight.
2.13 Bottles of any kind are not to be broken at Spirit Fire Park, for any reason.

2.2 There are no killing of animals / wild life at Spirit Fire Park
2.22 No animals are to be injured intentionally by anyone at Spirit Fire Park.
2.23 In the case of “nuisance animals / insects”, safety, is primary priority, and supersedes any other regulation, in regards to animals.

2.3 No trees are to be cut without permission from a council member, the lead artist, or the park owner.
2.31 If trees are needed to be cut for any reasons, the following species are to be protected, and if necessary, harvested last; Tamarack, Spruce, Maple, Pine, Birch, and Poplar (In that order)

2.4 Campsites are to be kept clean.
2.41 No tents outside designated campsites.
2.41a No campers in the driveway, or campsite.
2,41b The driveway must be kept clear for everyone's use.
2.5 Current legislation determines the criminal code at Spirit Fire Park.
2.51 All persons wishing to enter the premises, must sign a waiver.
2.55 Spirit Fire Park is not responsible for loss of items, damage to person or property, and not held responsible for any damages to vehicles or camper trailers on the premises

2.6 It will be the responsibility of the Park Director / owner to maintain the taxes, and other financial responsibilities.
2.61 The role of the lead artist; is to ensure that the quality of art and material
for artistic projects, are of the highest quality. The lead artist, is in charge of creating an art team; their primary role is to create artwork for the needs of Spirit Fire Park. Other duties include:
2.61a Collaborate with the Park Director to lead the creation of consistent, high-quality, art work
2.61b Drive the team to meet project deadlines and milestones
2.61c Testing of new concepts/techniques
2.61d Designing new concepts / artwork
2.61e Designing advertisement artwork for sponsors to the park.
2.61f Create and assist with management of artistic workshop schedules and resource planning.
2.61g Conduct critiques with clear and consistent direction to the art team.
2.61h Responsible for mentoring, training, and performance evaluations for the art team.

Policy #3

3.0 The Spirit Council determines the legislation for the paintball aspect of Spirit Fire Park.
3.01 All persons wishing to play paintball, must sign a medical release.
3.02 One parent or legal guardian is required to sign a release form for a minor, in order for them to play paintball at SFP. Minor, refers to any person under the age of 18.
3.03 No one, is allowed to touch anyone else’s equipment, without permission. Theft, is not tolerated, and the authorities will be notified immediately.
3.04 Chronograph readings will be used for every marker, entering the field of play. The maximum speed for muzzle velocity at Spirit Fire Park is 290 FPS.
3.04a Maximum velocity for Youth league (14 - 17 years) is 220 FPS
3.04b Maximum velocity for Female league (14 + years) is 250 FPS
3.04c Maximum velocity for Mixed league (18 + years) is 290 FPS

3.1 No discharging markers in the safe zone, campsite, or parking lot.
3.1a Barrel plugs are to be used in safe zone, campsite, and parking lot.
3.1b If a player is eliminated from a game, they must a insert a barrel plug, before they enter the designated safe zone.

3.2 Approved helmets / face masks are to be worn at all times, when in the play area. The only exception to this rule, is if a player is told to remove their mask by a referee.
3.2a Players eliminated from a match, are to leave their masks on, until they get into the safe zone.
3.2b Players are not required to wear neck guards, chest protectors, or elbow pads.
3.2c Players are encouraged to wear long sleeve shirts, full pants, and decent footwear, during a game.

3.3 All players must remain within the designated boundary, during a paintball match
3.3a Anyone leaving the designated play area, is immediately eliminated from the game.
3.3b No player is allowed to go near or on the railroad tracks at the very south end, under any circumstances.
3.3c No player is allowed to enter the campsite, parking lot, or safe zone, with a loaded, and cocked marker, with the intent to play. No one is allowed to shoot at vehicles, people, or animals in any of these designated safe zones.
3.3d The ONLY exception to article 3.3c, is during a “four-wheeler turkey shoot”. Everyone must be aware of the event to take place, and precautions must be taken to ensure:
A) no vehicles are endangered
B) no tents / campers are endangered
C) nobody else is endangered by the event

3.4 Paintball rules for game play. Referee has the final word in all situations.
3.4a The head referee may eliminate anyone they believe to be too intoxicated to play paintball safely.
3.4b Referees will use a whistle to alert players.
One whistle: Start a game
Two whistles: Stop a game
Three whistle: Game over
3.41 Barricades and obstacles are not to be moved or modified in any way.
3.42a There is no elimination, if the ball bounces of a player. There is no elimination if the ball breaks on something else, then splatters a player. They must ask another player for a paint check, or have a referee to halt the game, and check for paint. Any player may call for a “time-out” to check for paint.
3.42a A player is eliminated when a paintball breaks anywhere on a player or their equipment. If a paintball breaks anywhere on a gun, hopper or any other piece of equipment on a player, that player is out.

3.43 A player that yells “HIT”, or “OUT”, must immediately raise their marker as high as possible, and begin to move towards the safe zone. You must yell “HIT” at least two times. As soon as safely possible, place a barrel plug in your marker, and keep the marker raised above your head. If necessary, you may keep yelling “OUT”, or “Dead man walking”, as you make your way to the safe zone. Do NOT remove your helmet / facemask until you reach the safe zone.
3.43a Eliminated players must exit the play area immediately. “Dead” players cannot talk to “Live” players. Dead players can’t talk, gesture, or otherwise convey any information to other players.

3.43b If you shoot a player, and notice they are hit, QUIT SHOOTING! Be careful not to shoot players that are “out” and are leaving the field.
3.44 Anyone caught rubbing off paint during a game, to avoid calling yourself “OUT”, will be asked to leave the field. Cheaters will not be tolerated! Players are allowed to wipe splatter, if it becomes excessive, however, take care to note broken shells, or breaks for what they are.

3.5 Firing paintball markers at any person who is not wearing goggles is strictly prohibited!
3.5a Markers shall not be pointed at or near any person, except during a game.
3.5b Firing outside the play area, or into the designated safe zones, is strictly prohibited!

3.6 Surrender is a perfectly legal option.
3.61 Any player that is within 15 feet, (5 meters) of another player, must give notice of their proximity. If there has been an exchange of ammunition, previous, and both players are aware of the other player’s position, no notice is necessary. However, if one player is unaware of another’s close proximity, there MUST be some sort of notice given.
3.61a A warning shot, is a perfectly acceptable notice. There MUST be acknowledgement by the recipient. EG: A shot is placed strategically, hitting the tin beside another player, causing them to jump in surprise, and expose themselves to attack. Players may not shoot a “fast warning”, and then open fire on the target. This allows the other player the option of surrender.

3.61b Yelling, waving, or other methods of alerting the other player are perfectly acceptable methods of allowing the other person a chance to surrender.
3.62 If proper warning has been issued during a game, the player may instantly surrender.
3.62a Players MUST lift their marker in the air, and call out “Surrender“. It is necessary for everyone to understand the intent, of the player surrendering.
3.63 If another player does not surrender immediately; the challenger has the option to resume firing their marker.

Alcohol & drugs
Policy #4

4.0 All current legislation regarding Alcohol and drugs shall be enforced.
4.1 This legislation is in reference to alcohol. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is responsible for administering the Liquor Licence Act ("LLA") that covers most aspects of Ontario's beverage alcohol laws. These laws provide practical rules for responsible sale and service of beverage alcohol in this province. Spirit Fire Park will maintain those laws.

4.2 This chapter is in reference to Cannabis (Cán-na-bis) is a genus of flowering plants. Spirit Fire Park will maintain current public opinion, with respect to this.

4.3 This chapter is about “hard drugs”. (Examples of well-known "hard" drugs include Opioids (Morphine, Heroin), Cocaine, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, & LSD). Spirit Fire Park has a “zero tolerance” for hard drug use. Anyone caught using hard drugs, or is found to be in possession of hard drugs, will be asked to leave, and the authorities will be notified.

Camping Regulations
Policy #5

5.0 Camping regulations for Spirit Fire Park
5.01 Complimentary use of Barbecue -- bring your own snacks,
drinks, cake and all the fixing’s and have a party right on site.

5.1 Fees for camping (May - October) tent / camper trailer.
5.11 There is no charge to anyone to erect a tent or trailer for the night. We encourage anyone, wishing to attend a function, or event, to pitch their tent in our campsite! This is to encourage people to not drink and drive, when they have had a good time at our park.
5.12 If you require electrical hook-up, there is a charge of $10 per 24 hours
5.13 Mobile trailer for a weekend $40 (Includes electricity, & shower)
5.14 Tent for a weekend $10 (Includes shower)
5.15 Mobile trailer for a long-weekend $50 (Includes electricity, & shower)
5.16 Tent for a long-weekend $20 (Included shower)
5.17 Mobile trailer per month $100 (No electricity)
5.18 Tent per month $30
5.19 Reservations for camping
5.19a 100% deposit required at booking
5.19b Confirmations will be sent on request
5.19c Reservations guarantee choice of campsite.
5.19d Personal cheques accepted for deposits made 2 weeks in advance only
5.19e Cheques are not accepted upon arrival
5.19f Cancellations received one week prior to arrival will have a $10.50 fee with the balance refundable in the same way in which the payment was made.
5.19g Cancellations received less than one week prior to arrival will lose their deposit

5.2 Campers / Visitors rights and privileges
5.21 Be considerate. Please keep the volume of your music and your voices, to a reasonable level. Interfering with anyone else's enjoyment of a park, day or night, is not only inconsiderate - it is also contrary to park regulations.
5.21a Rowdy behaviour, excessive noise, and obscene language is not tolerated at any time of day or night and may result in charges being laid and eviction.
5.21b Quiet hours are from 12 p.m. to 9 a.m. each night except Saturday night when they are from 1 am to 10 a.m.
5.22 The park is yours to enjoy, so help us protect it. Our park is full of interesting and precious vegetation, wildlife, natural earth features, artwork, theatrical sites, and buildings. Remember, it is against the law to remove or destroy anything in Spirit Fire Park.
5.22a Users are to pay full cost of damage to park or equipment that is caused by them, members of their group or their pets.
5.22b Vehicles may be parked only in areas provided for that purpose.
5.23c Sewage, including grey water is not to be discharged from trailers onto the ground or into pits. Such items as sanitary napkins and diapers are not to be put in toilets or the park sewage system
5.23d Campsites must be kept clean and free of attractants for wildlife (e.g., bears, wolves, raccoons, etc.) at all times.
5.23e Persons operating bicycles on park property must wear helmets. Bicycles operated in an unsafe manner will be confiscated and returned when the owners leave the park.
5.23f Campers are responsible for the observance of the campground rules personally or by their immediate family members, guests, visitors or other persons attending at the seasonal guest site or in the campground with the occupant's permission or knowledge.
5.24 Seasonal guests are encouraged to improve their sites through the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers. However, no major alterations are to be made to trailer sites without the prior consent of management. Trailer sites must be left in good condition when vacated as they were when first rented.
5.25 Campers who fail to abide by or abuse the park rules and fail to co-operate with management of Spirit Fire Park will receive notice to leave

5.3 Rights of the park
5.31 Firearms are not permitted in Spirit Fire Park, except by written permission from the Spirit Council!
5.32 Fireworks are not to be set off on park property except under the supervision of park management.
5.33 Spirit Fire Park insures its own property. It does not insure the property of its customers.
5.34 The owners and staff of Spirit Fire Park do not accept liability for injury of any kind resulting from the use of the grounds and facilities of the park, nor do they accept responsibility for the damage or loss of personal property brought into the park.

5.3 Rights of the park

Policy #6

6.0 Registration
6.01 Registration for Spirit Fire Park is $100 per year.
6.01a Registered players may bring their own paintballs to the park. They do not need to pay for field charges.
6.01b Registered players may set up a tent for free at Spirit Fire Park.
6.02 Unregistered players must pay $10 per day to use the facilities.
6.02a Unregistered players must use paintballs supplied by the park
6.03 Tournament fees include Field pass, & CO2 costs for that day.

6.11 Birthday packages require proof if ID, and must have play time within 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the birth date.

Policy #7

7.0 Volunteers
7.01 All volunteers to Spirit Fire Park , donate their time, equipment, & fuel. There is no financial compensation for donations.
7.02 Volunteers need to be dressed appropriately for the assigned task.
7.02a “Short” shorts, and open toe shoes are not permitted during work detail.
7.03 Volunteers will be supplied by Spirit Fire Park with insect spray, if necessary for work detail.
7.04 Volunteers must take precautions to prevent the spread of viral or bacterial infections. The most important activity to utilize to protect yourself and others, is to wash your hands. Be sure to wash your hands (20 seconds with soap and water) before serving food; after using the restroom; before eating; after blowing nose, sneezing, coughing into your hands.
7.04a If a volunteer has a communicable process—sore throat and fever; open, weeping sore; diarrhea—they will not be allowed to volunteer at Spirit Fire Park.

7.1 All volunteers must sign a waiver form for the park, and a medical release form.

7.2 All volunteers must be familiar with Spirit Fire Park current “Fire plan”.
7.21 All volunteers must be familiar with Spirit Fire Park current Constitution.
7.21a All volunteers must be aware of changes to legislation at Spirit Fire Park.

7.3 Both volunteers and Spirit Fire Park have rights and responsibilities. Volunteers are engaged to perform a specific job and the organisation agrees to provide the volunteer with a worthwhile and rewarding experience.
7.31 Volunteers have the right to:
7.31a Be treated as co-workers. This includes job descriptions, Equal Employment Opportunity, Occupational Health & Safety, anti-discrimination legislation and organisational grievance processes.
7.31b Be asked for their permission before any job-related reference, police or other checks are conducted.
7.31c A job or task worthwhile to them, for no more than 16 hours a week on a regular basis in one role.
7.31d Know the purpose and "ground rules" of the organisation.
7.31e Appropriate orientation and training for the job.
7.31f Be kept informed of organisational changes and the reasons for the changes.
7.31g A place to work and suitable tools for the job.
7.31h Reimbursement of agreed expenses; council approved.
7.31i Be heard and make suggestions.
7.31j A verbal reference or statement of service, if appropriate.
7.32 Spirit Fire Park has the right to:
7.32a Receive as much effort and service from a volunteer as a paid worker, even on a short-term basis.
7.32b To select the best volunteer for the job by interviewing and screening all applicants. This MIGHT include reference and police checks and, where appropriate, a prohibited employment declaration for roles that involve working directly with children.
7.32c Expect volunteers to adhere to their job descriptions/outlines and the organisation's code of practice.
7.32d Expect volunteers to undertake training provided for them and observe safety rules.
7.32e Make the decision regarding the best placement of a volunteer.
7.32f Express opinions about poor volunteer effort in a diplomatic way.
7.32g Expect loyalty to the organisation and only accept constructive criticism.
7.32h Expect clear and open communication from the volunteer.
7.32i Negotiate work assignments.
7.32j Release volunteers under certain circumstances.

7.4 Volunteers are prohibited from attempting feats / stunts, that may endanger themselves or others.

Theatre / Artwork
Policy #8

8.0 Theatre / Artwork
8.01 Spirit Fire Park recognizes the importance of public art and theatre, from the standpoint of the quality of the environment and the enhancement of the park’s functionality.
8.02 Public art at Spirit Fire Park is defined as "artistic visual / auditory works selected, commissioned, created or donated for locations in a public space or facility accessible to members of the public, and includes works of a permanent or temporary nature located in the public domain."
8.03 Public displays of an artistic nature, at Spirit Fire Park are defined as “artistic visual / auditory material, acting, and performances for public display”

8.1 No pornography.

8.2 Cursive artwork / theatre CAN be reviewed by Art team & Spirit council for content & relevance. A vote of majority is required for material to remain / be staged.

8.3 All images, pictures, video, that contain material in regard to Spirit Fire Park, its related events, and associates; is property of the Spirit Fire Park.

8.4 All logos, team names, locations, trails, and events; are affiliated with Spirit Fire Park, and cannot be used or reproduced, without expressed written permission by the Spirit Council.

Fire plan
Policy #9

9.0 Spirit Fire Park is required to have a established “Fire plan”
In the event of a Code Red, remember “RACE“:
R—Rescue those in immediate danger
A—Alert everyone about the problem / hazard
C—Call 911
E—Extinguish the fire.

9.1 Before anyone lights a fire at Spirit Fire Park; there MUST be tools, and WATER for fire suppression, in accordance with the La Vallee Volunteer Fire Department regulations
9.11 6 plastic, 5 gallon pails, MUST be full of water, for fire suppression purposes, before anyone lights a fire.
9.11a The water pails for fire suppression must in close proximity of fire.
9.12 There must be two or more people, in attendance to have a fire at Spirit Fire Park.

9.2 Spirit Fire Park will be responsible for the season fire permit required for outdoor burning.
9.2a Joseph Carlson, is able to obtain a season burning permit from the La Vallee municipality, due to his completion of a “Seasonal Burning Course”, held in Emo, Ontario, by the Fire department, and surrounding municipalities.